About Dr Caroline...


   My goal is to empower you to sleep well

I invite you to imagine every night for this next week experiencing deep restorative sleep and wake up in the mornings feeling full of energy and vital and alive! 

This really is possible. Let me help you. 

I am an Integrative Medical Doctor and my passion is helping people live healthier, happier lives and an essential part of this good sleep..





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This Sleep Kit is what I consider to be an integration of
the best from both worlds...  East and West and orthodox and integrative.


I have spent thirty years of my life working in the traditional medical world and twelve of these working in my own general practice down here in New Zealand. Even though I loved my work with a passion, I left it, sold up and travelled the world doing as many different trainings as I could, until I felt that I had understood at a deep level this powerful, body, mind and spirit connection.   This is what I bring to you.  In so doing, I help you tap into the power of your amazing mind, so that you too can change and transform your life by sleeping well.

There is a solid foundation to my approach in helping you to sleep.  This foundation is medicine, meditation and positive psychology.

These approaches have been tried, tested and researched extensively and they work. However, for some these modalities can be dry and boring.

My job is to bring them to life for you but also to add to and weave them together with lots of different and wonderful tools to help you to transform the quality and quantity of your sleep.

I read you a bedtime story at night and ask you to make yourself cozy and comfortable, and as you listen to my voice invite you to switch off you busy mind and relax.

I share with you guided sleep confidence exercises.

For those who need more help to slow down your busy mind, I have added several guided relaxations


Let me help you to find the missing pieces for you.


jigsaw puzzle


Also through this journey I support you at different levels and in different ways.  

So please let yourself be supported.

Let yourself get help so that sleeping problems can be a thing of the past for you too.

Everyone is different and that is why I have created this Sleep Kit because it is not a one size fits all.

I invite you to start by listening to Storytime (this is a link on Google Play), or to buy all 53 chapters of Storytime One  or if you want more help, to join us in The Sleep Kit; or if you just want to experience Storytime - sign up here for these free chapters.

Below is a brief summary of some of my training:

I completed medical training in the UK and then after working as a House Officer, I came to New Zealand for one year to work in Ob/Gyn but I fell in love with the country and never moved back!

I became intrigued by the power of the human mind to heal and transform...so began my quest for answers.  

I trained in psychosynthesis, psychodrama, neurolinguistic programming and other body-mind approaches to healing. 

I also practiced and have studied mindfulness, meditation, yoga, neuroscience and hypnosis as well as acupuncture and homeopathy.  I have spent a lot of time in India "looking for my soul" and also learning and appreciating the joy of meditation.

In my work as a family physician in Nelson, New Zealand, I weave together all these different approaches in this mind, body and spirit connection.


I look forward to sharing this approach with you



BSc St Andrews University 1984
MBChB Manchester 1987
Dip Obstetrics & Gynaecology Otago University 1992
NLP Trainer NZ 2012
Hypnosis: 100 hours with Dr Yapko, Sydney 2013

ACNEM Modules (Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine) 

And all the other exciting training and practices that are part of my life: Psychosynthesis, Psychodrama, Hakomi, Mindfulness, Yoga, Meditation and many more.