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10. Melatonin

Its normal for all mammals including us humans to have a sleeping pattern of being awake during the day when it's light and sleeping at night when its dark. [...]

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11. Pills and Potions.

Sometimes a sleeping tablet , be it a pill from a doctor or one from the health shop , does work to help someone sleep especially when they are used occasionally. Obviously this is why so many millions are spent every year on pills and potions ……..because they can work. However they usually only [...]

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12- Elders and Sleep.

Good sleep is really important in older age as of course it is at any age, however, the older we all get the less forgiving our body seems to be when we don't take care of ourselves or don't sleep well. A teenager might be able to get away with a summer of all [...]

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13. Teenagers and sleep problems.

Even though this sleep kit is designed for adults with insomnia I've included this podcast for those of you who are interested in this.

Up until three to four months of age we humans have very high levels of melatonin and hence the reason why babies sleep so much both day and night .
Then at [...]

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The practice of slowing down your mind.

Taking some time everyday for our daily practice of calm.
If I was to write about all the processes that happen in your body when you sleep this post would take days for you to read!  So I won't discuss all the hormones that are produced when you sleep or all the chemical processes that [...]

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Positive and Negative Associations with Bed and Sleeping

When you think of your bedroom and going to sleep do you feel anxious and worried that yet again you won't be able sleep?

So many people with insomnia have a fear about going to sleep and often they have associated bed with insomnia.

If you are one of these people , I have written this [...]

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Sleep Cycles

This graph demonstates a typical nights sleep for an adult.

This person went through five sleep cycles , the first two of which included deep sleep and the last three cycles light sleep only.

If this was a graph of an athlete 's sleep pattern when they were doing extensive training you would expect them to [...]

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This shows the different brain wave patterns on EEG ( electroencephalogram).

Beta is the brain wave pattern of normal waking consciousness. It is the brain wave pattern that we are in most of our day. It is the faster pattern of normal thought.

Alpha is a slower brain wave pattern. When J K Rowling ( who [...]

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