I have created this guided relaxation “Calm” to help build calm within your body, your mind and your soul.

Here is a short clip to give you a sense of it.


When listening to a guided relaxation it’s important that the pace is right for you. If it’s too slow then people say their mind gets bored and if it’s too fast then it’s easy to feel over stimulated.

This recording is specifically designed for those who are new to this practice – it is not designed for deep meditators.

When people are stressed, anxious or depressed they so often try to get rid of the problem.

However what if instead of focusing on getting rid of the problem you focus on bringing into your life what it is that you actually want.

This guided relaxation helps you to do this.

To buy it as an online download please pay through Paypal ( by clicking the orange button below). Once you have paid you will be immediately directed to a download page. You can download ‘Calm’ onto your computer through soundcloud and I have also provided it as a zip file.


For those of you who want the physical CD please send me an e mail and tell me where you live and I will post it to you. The cost of the CD is $20 New Zealand dollars plus P & P ( I only charge for the actual cost of postage and package – I don’t add anything extra on). My e mail is thesleepkit@gmail.com ( Please note that I am now living back in New Zealand).

The cost of postage in NZ is $6 in one of those protective bubble wrapped bags or if you prefer it sent in a little box that’s $8. Just send me an email to support@thesleepkit.com and I will send you a way to pay on paypal and will then pop it in the post for you.