Step 4 – Day 4

What we focus on expands

This is the last day of The Sleep Kit but I hope that you continue to practice the skills you have discovered in this journey.
For some people they say that sleep for them has become a spiritual practice. Its an opportunity to still their mind and focus on the [...]

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Step 4 – Day 1- Bringing it all together.

Focus on relaxation and calm

In this step it's time to bring it all together, put what you have discovered into practice and to enjoy this art of sleeping better.



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Step 4 – Day 2 – The steps needed to sleep well.

If you look at what people do who sleep well there are clear steps they always take.
It really is a simple formula.


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Step 4 – Day 3 – Now focus on the joy of relaxing.

The Art of Good Sleep.


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Step 4 – 4 – What you focus on expands.

In the last post I talked about how important it is to focus on the pleasure of snuggling up in bed and to focus on the luxury of having this time at the end of ones day to stop and take time to relax and enjoy the comfort and peace of your bedroom.
If you [...]

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