If you have insomnia and want help to sleep better I suggest, if you haven’t already done so, that you start by implementing a pre bedtime relaxation routine and buying Storytime from CD baby.

CD baby is a very user friendly platform to buy downloads from and it is also a secure site. 


If you think that the reason for your insomnia is stress, you might want to buy this guided relaxation called CALM from my website and listen to it daily and start a daily relaxation practice to build calm in your life. 


Both of these options only cost $10 each – I have specifically kept these resources available to all.


If however you need more help and have had issues with insomnia for some time then I suggest that you work with me for 30 days. You will have weekly skype sessions with me in person – a total of three hours over the month. You will also have reasonable email access to me in person.

I also will send you relevant podcasts for you to listen to.

This package is for people who want to fast track  – hence I will send you questions for you to answer prior to each session in order that you can make the most of your session time.

This is for anyone committed to make changes to improve their sleep, both quantity and/or quality. 

The cost for this is $1200 – to sign up for this please email me at support@thesleepkit.com

Please note that in this work with you, I will be working as a mindfulness and health coach and not as your doctor, hence I will assume that you already have a diagnosis of insomnia from your own doctor and not some other sleep problem such as sleep apnoea.


For anyone who doesn’t think that they need a whole month of 1 on 1 support but just needs one hour with me to talk about a particular issue with their sleep – then this session at the cost of $500 – might be all you need. If you do go for this option and then decide to upgrade to the month option – I am happy for the payment of this session to be deducted from the one month fee.

I will send you some initial questions to ensure that I am the right person to help you with your questions and once you have signed up I will send you some pre sessions questions so that we can make the most of your session time.

Once again if you would like to go for this option please email me on support@thesleepkit.com and I will send you the relevant infomation. 

I very much look forward to working with you and helping you to with your sleep. Any further questions please email us at support@thesleepkit.com

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