This is an excellent entry point into this exciting journey of learning this skill of good sleep.
You can start with the Basic package and later buy additional 1 on 1 guidance with Dr Caroline if needed or you can jump right in and work with her 1 on 1 from the start with the Combo or Deluxe package (see below)……



For anyone who has been struggling with insomnia and felt alone with their problem having 1 on 1 guidance and support with Dr Caroline can be invaluable.



After using the Sleep Kit for a week you will have more understanding of why you had a sleep problem.
Then it’s time to have your 1 on 1 session with Dr Caroline to identify the root cause of your sleep problem . After that you will continue to practice your new skill with support from others on the forum with input from Dr Caroline .



In this package , Dr Caroline first helps you to identify and then to implement your good sleeping practice….. This is for anyone who is 100% ready to sleep well….. maybe it’s time to have your own personal Sleep Doctor and Coach .