The production-sharing contract under Kenya`s Petroleum Act 2019 is an oil agreement between the Kenyan government and the contractor (oil company) that allows the contractor to explore, develop and produce oil within the same field (block). In addition, an oil agreement is defined as any agreement, license, contract or other agreement between the Government of Kenya and a contractor to conduct upstream oil operations in accordance with the provisions of the Petroleum Act, 2019. . If you are familiar with the documents that are currently missing from our Legal regulatory database, let us know. You can send them directly to us to be included in the database, anonymously or otherwise. Find out more here. . Fill out the registration form and answer a few simple questions to receive an offer. Lion Petroleum (2007): Block 1 Production Sharing Contract (PSC) .

On transparency and accountability, President Uhuru Kenyatta said during the visit of then-US President Barack Obama to Kenya in 2015 that the Kenyan government had joined the Extractive Transparency Initiative (EITI). Since then, little has been done as a result of this announcement and many production-sharing contracts have remained secret. . Below you will find some of the production sharing contracts (PSCs) available to the public: ..