Andrew Adam, Chief Operating Officer, said the agreement would increase employee wages and improve productivity, adding: "For the duration of the three-year employment contract, there will be no protected collective action that will ensure stability for our customers and the entire NSW supply chain." According to the union, Patrick proposes to remove the terms of the current agreement that address issues such as working tables, working hours and family-friendly arrangements, which led to the dispute. "This is the best stevedoring agreement we have seen in many years in Australia, having tried to address key employment security concerns for UAG members from the outset. The new labour agreement also ensures Stevedores who works for Patrick: the union actions concern Patrick Terminals in Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane and Fremantle, according to the terminal operator. Meanwhile, DP World announced today that it has entered into an enterprise agreement in principle with MUA at its Sydney terminal for the next three years and is "well positioned" to enter into similar agreements at its other sites. Noting that Patrick Terminals is working closely with shipping companies to implement rotation modification plans and reduce terminal delays, the Company confirmed that its terminals in Brisbane and Fremane were operating normally, that delays in Melbourne had been reduced to five days and that delays in Sydney had been reduced to 15 days , with the support of ships passing through the port. We invite employees of Patrickes Terminals and other Stevedoring companies to contact the global socialist website and discuss this perspective. The agreement would allow both sides to move forward in negotiations on what a future agreement would be, or the situation could get worse, Crumlin said. In early September, UAS members began measures in favour of a new Enterprise Agreement (EA), with overtime work bans and brief sporadic work stoppages that allowed ships to continue loading and unloading. The union initially asked for 6 per cent annual wage increases for the next four years, but then reduced its fees to 2.5 per cent. The company today filed an application with the FWC to end the protected control actions taking place at Patrick Terminals in Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane and Fremantle. The company is aiming for an emergency negotiation this week.

The move followed a two-day hearing at the Fair Work Commission (FWC) after Patrick filed an application to end union activities at the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Fremantle terminals, citing a "harmful economic impact on the country." The terminal operator stated that MUA`s rights for new enterprise agreements and current wage conditions would add an additional AUD 40 million per year to the operating costs of the entire De Patrick business. "I think it`s desirable to actually enter into the three- or four-year contract, and I think that`s reasonable. But the government advises him. We have very serious and justified concerns about the consequences of the measures taken by the UAUC," he added. "The new agreement marks a turning point in waterfront employment and hopefully a new beginning in the relationship between Patrick and his collaborators," Tracey said. "Under the new agreement, not only did all of our workers achieve 100% lifespan in all four terminals, but they also obtained critical safety and security provisions regarding their schedules and work schedules - for the first time since the Patrick conflict in 1998," tracey said.