These are some short stories.

Some people prefer short stories. Others like the continuity of a full book and they look forward to listening to a chapter each night.

It really helps to have Storytime as part of your pre bedtime relaxation routine.

It's so much easier to change state - into a calm relaxed state - when you go to bed relaxed.....which of course means this gives you a much greater chance of sleeping more deeply.



"The Velveteen Rabbit" by Margery Williams. This is one of my favourite short stories. 


Here are the mp3 files in dropbox  (click on the writing and it will take you to the dropbox folder).  If you do not yet have a dropbox account it is free - here is a link .


"The Selfish Giant" by Oscar Wilde.

The purpose of Storytime is not necessarily to be entertained, but to have a focus for the mind, to engage the mind in a story so that you stop listening to your own thoughts and instead listen to my voice guiding you into a slower brain wave state.

Some people find the ending of The Selfish Giant sad so I cut out the sad bit in the above version.  If you want to listen to the full version here it is below...but be warned for those who find it sad this might not help sleep. 


"The Happy Prince" by Oscar Wilde.


"Thank you.  I listened to the first chapter last night.  It didn't dissapoint as I was asleep before the chapter ended.  I have your entire storytime collection."