Storytime 2

For Storytime 2  I have recorded a series of short stories - some of which have only one chapter and others just a few.

Most of the stories are by Oscar Wilde.  His writing as many of you will know is brilliant, even though the stories are often quite poignant and sad.

The first story is: "The Velveteen Rabbit"  by Margery Williams -  only $4.99 for four chapters - this story is very restful and soothing.

The second story is: "The Happy Prince" by Oscar Wilde.   It has four chapters and also costs just $4.99.  Please be warned that this one is quite sad.  Please DO NOT buy it if a sad story will keep you awake.  I have kept it, for many people have told me they like it. 

The third story:  "The Selfish Giant" is also by Oscar Wilde.  I have included both versions, an edited version which is not sad and the full version with a sad ending.  I have also included with this "The Nightingale and the Rose" - it is very sad so please don't listen to it if you don't like sad stories.  I have only included it due to requests.  These two stories also cost $4.99.

Please pay through the safe site of PayPal below.   As soon as you pay you will be taken to the download page - no waiting for confirmation emails.

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The Velveteen Rabbit

The Happy Prince

The Selfish Giant

Kind Words

"Thank you SO much. I cannot tell you how lovely it is to sleep like a baby. After going through chemo I couldn’t sleep. I found you after months of you tube, guided sleep, meditation, music, waves, dolphins, white noise, Horlicks, etc etc. The pace and tone of your voice is excellent."
Vicki, UK
"Story time works like a dream for me. It’s almost hypnotic. Its calming and immediately gets me into the groove of sleep. I recommend it to everyone."
Terri, UK
"I love listening to Dr Caroline’s calm soothing voice. It banishes all anxiety and transports me into a different zone. I sleep better and deeper."
Bear, UK
"Story time takes my mind away from all the stress and anxiety of the day. It’s absolutely fantastic."
Diane, Cape Town