Listening to a simple story at night, can help you slow down your busy mind.

The first in this series is The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Google play still sell direct to the public.....please click this link to buy through them.  Most other platforms now want people to join their monthly subs so Im in the process of looking into other options that enable you to buy directly .......sorry about the inconvenience.

Storytime 2 however is still available - this is a series of four short stories. 
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I hope you enjoy Storytime 1 and 2.   If you have any questions or problems, please contact me
directly at: - I am a real person just an email away.    

Focusing your mind, and listening to this soothing story will slow down your mind and relax your body making it easier for you to sleep. 

"I am LOVING The Secret Garden recording. It took me close to 8 days before I got through the first chapter because I kept falling asleep midway! "
Amy, USA
"Story time takes my mind away from all the stress and anxiety of the day. It’s absolutely fantastic."
Diane, Cape Town
"Your story time has been a welcomed key to falling asleep, as well as being a endearing experience of sweetness. I will even begin a chapter several times in the event I have fallen asleep 2 minutes into it and sometimes wake in the middle of the night and listen again. It has quickly become part of my routine. Last night the internet went out  but with just the thought of your voice and repetition of the words, a wave of relaxation and comfort spread through my whole body, changing the chemistry and I became immediately relaxed....and then I imagined myself as a child, being in the secret garden with the children from the story. ....and drifted off to sleep. Pretty cool!"
Carmen, USA.
"I thought Storytime would be too girly for me but it wasn't. Being so busy in the day in my work I very much enjoyed listening to a chapter every night. It slowed down my mind so that I could sleep."
Marketing man USA.
"Thank you Dr Caroline for helping me to sleep during a very stressful time of my life. I just adore your soothing voice and I feel like I am again a small child when you read to me. I feel nurtured, safe and secure. The Secret Garden has always been a favorite story of mine as a child. I love it even more now and look forward to bedtime these days!"
"My sister has an autistic son of 11 yrs old. I told her about Storytime. After one of his “episodes” she turns on Storytime to calm him down and soothe him. It works. He has been missing a lot of school due to his behaviour. This really does help."
Vicki , Uk