Maybe you too are desperate for a good nights sleep ?

Maybe sleeping tablets once worked for you , for a short time , but no longer seem to be working ?

Maybe you have forgotten that sleeping well is actually a skill that improves with the right practice ?

I remember several years ago when Molly , a friend's daughter was learning to drive and one evening a couple of her friends persuaded her to drive them to a party out in the countryside . She hadn't passed her driving test yet but everyone had praised her on what a great driver she was . The only problem was they had to cross over a narrow bridge in the dark and a wide truck was coming over the bridge in the opposite direction .

She panicked and drove into the truck ! 


After she had recovered from the trauma of the accident and she had passed her test and driven alot about  a year  later she said she felt like she was a competent and confident driver ……

Several years passed and driving for her became just another thing she did well . She was a really good driver .  Practice and perseverance had paid off .

However a few years later she was driving on the highway at speed and one wheel fell off the car.  The car lost control and she lost her confidence.  However , with encouragement  , she got help and after dealing with the shock and trauma of the accident  she went back to the basics of driving again and practiced driving in easy places and gradually built up her confidence once more and now , a few years down the track , she once again is a confident driver.

It's the same with sleep .

Some people never learn to sleep well . The majority of people though have slept well at some time in their life but when something happens that upsets their sleep and they lose their confidence this is when it's time , as with Molly, to go back to basics and work out what they are doing that has caused the poor sleep and therefore what they need to do differently in order to sleep well .

You see good sleep is a skill . A skill that improves with the right practice .

So if you have been struggling with insomnia maybe it's time to re learn this skill of good sleep ?