This programme is designed to help you to sleep better and have more consistent and deeper, restorative sleep. 

The Sleep Kit is now only available to people who I am working with in New Zealand. It is no longer for sale to the public .

We have divided The Sleep Kit into four main steps.

We encourage you to take one month to go through Kit and to set aside one week for each step.

For most of the steps we ask you to listen to a podcast every day.

However Step 3 has 12 podcasts which are an overview of sleep to help you to discover any missing pieces in your sleep puzzle, hence some people prefer to listen to all of them over just a few days.

Whatever you choose to do we encourage you to listen to a podcast or a guided relaxation every day and to make this a habit.  The reason for this is that it's consistency that brings the best results.

Of course, you might find that you want to go back and re-listen to some podcasts and this is why we give you access to the kit for a full six months, and longer if needed.  

We also encourage you to download the podcasts, relaxations and sleep confidence exercises so that you always have them. 



Throughout your journey through The Sleep Kit we

encourage you to listen to the guided relaxations,woman-with-headphones

the sleep-confidence exercises and to Storytime

and also to make the most of the support forum.

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  Exploring and acknowledging what has been going on for you



Step 1 : In this step, we encourage you to look deeper within yourself to discover what you need to change so that you can sleep better.  

There are six podcasts in Step 1. Here is part of Day 1 to give you a feel for it.



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  Getting to grips with how to sleep well and growing your confidence

In Step 2 we explore the basic foundation of good sleep and what people do who sleep well.

In this step,  we introduce you to the sleep-confidence exercises and encourage you to practice these regularly.

There are seven short daily podcasts this week.

We also provide these in written form. 



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  You discover unique pieces of your sleeping puzzle


depositphotos_45660469-Jigsaw-Puzzle-PiecesIn Step 3 we cover all aspects of good sleep.  

We encourage you to listen to the 12 podcasts in order to discover if there is anything that you have been missing out on.

By the end of this step you will have a basic knowledge of what makes up good sleep and what you need to do in order to sleep well.



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  Bringing it all together and practicing your new skill of good sleep




This step is about bringing it all together and practising your new skill of good, consistent sleep.

There are only four podcasts in this Step. These are designed to guide and encourage you to bring together all that you have learned.

This week is about practicing your new skill and seeing every night as an opportunity to let yourself sleep an even deeper and more restorative sleep.

Of course, for some people they improve in leaps and bounds and for others it is a much more gradual process.




Remember the tortoise and the hare - both get to the finishing line.


We encourage you in this step to listen to a guided relaxation process daily if this is helpful for you; to practice the sleep confidence exercises and to listen to Storytime as you continue on your journey to deeper sleep.


Remember I am here to guide you through this Sleep Kit and to support you. 



So let yourself be supported in this journey to good sleep
and let those sleep problems be a thing of the past.